Having worked in the public and private sector, as well as a not-for-profit organization,
I have been exposed to a variety of different business models in the legal world. The
common link between all of these different offices is the great deal of inefficiency in the
practice of law. In opening my own firm, my main goal is to eliminate a great deal of
that inefficiency. I am the sole employee of my firm, and thus the only person that you
will ever deal with in your case. In doing so, I aim to make the legal process as easy as
possible for both the client and myself.

Taking all of this into consideration, I have focused on three specific areas in which I am
trying to improve the attorney-client relationship for my clients:

Accessibility: I have a single phone line operating in my firm, this allows the client
a direct way of contacting me, avoiding the process of going through a secretary or
paralegal if you ever have any questions or concerns. In addition to being able to get a
hold of your attorney, I am also able to be much more flexible in my ability to scheduling
face-to-face meetings with clients. I will not limit my availability to Monday through
Friday 9-5 like most firms do, ensuring you always be able to find a time to meet with
your attorney.

Affordability: I strive to keep my overhead as low as possible in maintaining my office.
Using cutting-edge technology to represent my clients allows me to not only save time,
but also save money by remaining as paperless as the practice of law allows. In addition
to this, I aim to work with my clients to develop a game plan that allows them to decrease
their billable hours by apportioning out work out to them when it is possible. If the
facts of your case allow you to take certain steps such as starting a declaration on your
own time, it helps to limit the time in which I am billing you. Hiring an attorney is an
expense that nobody ever plans for, but my goal is to make this experience as affordable
as possible.

Articulation: All attorneys are well-educated individuals; many attorneys make it a point
to let others know this. Navigating through the legal system can be extremely confusing,
so I make it a point to simplify things as much as possible for my clients. I speak plain
English to all of my clients, and ensure that they understand what is going on in their
matter and how it affects them. As an attorney, I work for you, the client. I take the time
to make sure that you not only understand your case, but also are confident in making the
correct decisions for your particular set of circumstances.